• Dec 14, 2017
  • by Ademilola Olafusi

We change our makeup daily, why not our hair?

It is no longer a thing of shame for women to amaze their observers with daily change of their hairstyles. in the past, women would avoid revealing that their hair was artificial. However, new fashion trend have it that women change their hair as often as daily with the convenience of being able to wear wigs. Celebrities rock various lengths and colors of hair to sooth their mood or occasion as the case may be.

In offices and other public places, you come across ladies with really beautiful hair, don't be surprised to find that most are wigs :)

10 of the most important reasons why women wear wigs are considered in this article;

  1. It saves time.

You can gladly skip several hours at the salon, while you allocate your time to other productive activities. This is not to say that time spent in taking care of your hair is not well spent, I recommend that you pamper your hair.  I am sure that you do understand what I am talking about if you were ever tight for time and still needed to look good. It is easier to quickly pick up your beautiful wig and just put it on while you save big on time.


  1. Perfect beauty.

Wigs afford you the opportunity to satisfy you craving for a particular uncommon hair style or special hair colour without damaging your natural hair. You can always try it out as a wig. Wearing a wig also saves you from making a hairstyle that may not suit you. In the case of picking a wig, you get to see the finished style first before paying for it, you can tell if it will fit perfectly on you or not especially in cases where by you have not made that style before. Once you determine how well the style suits you by use of a wig, you can then make informed decision on whether you want to have the style made directly with your own hair.


  1. Easy to change style.

Most times, we get tired of carrying a particular hair do but keep it on anyways because of the investment in time and money in making the hair. You can easily put on a different style of wig that you crave for in an instant especially when the occasion demands that you wear a different kind of hair. Wigs are less stressful and easy to change within seconds.


  1. To hide hair deficiencies.

Sometimes, the natural hair could be chopped off in some parts either as a result of natural occurrences including serious illness or hereditary factors or as a result of human mistakes in handling the hair. Chopped off hair may be embarrassing and may also distort a woman’s beauty. Wigs come in handy in either situation. They serve as a protection to natural hair and give them a break while they regain strength and grow again.


  1. To hide grey hair.

Some women grow grey hair earlier than others. Growing grey hair while you are below forty years old is sometimes regarded as premature which often make women to resort to   dyeing of the natural hair.  Wearing of wigs could be an alternative to constant application of chemicals to colour your hair while it saves you time, preserves your natural hair and also hides away the grey hair.


  1. Good for hot weather.

You will appreciate wigs better during the hot seasons.  Getting your hair fixed or permanently covered with hair extensions may not be a good idea at such time because you tend to produce lots of sweat. Hot weather season is a perfect time to have your wig on, you can remove it to allow fresh air through your scalp whenever the heat becomes unbearable.


  1. Saves cost.

If you do spend a lot of time at the hair salon, you know that salon costs could add up to thousands over a short time. Wigs are premade and provide cheaper alternative for similar hair quality and style.


  1. Wigs can protect your hair.

Wigs are good for protecting your hair because it reduces manipulation to your natural hair. The lesser the manipulation of your natural hair, the more likely it will grow healthier and stronger. Wearing a wig is also a good way to give your hair a break even if you’d rather weave or fix hair extensions. Continuously going from one style to the next may impose much stress on your natural hair if you don’t allow intermittent breaks. Simply styling your natural hair in a manner that you still appear neat and beautiful may also be considered as a way to give your hair a break.


  1. Wigs last longer.

Having your hair extension in form of a wig may be a smart thing to do especially where those extensions cost a fortune. The fact that wigs can be removed at night before going to bed could help retain the original style or curls as the case may be and it can also reduce the possibilities of tangling.


  1. Wigs are easier to style.

Since you can remove and see as you style and comb your wig, your hand is able to get to every part of the weave, with your eye following while you avoid any wrong combing.


You don’t have to worry about what kind of wig to get, or whether or not you are making the right choice of color, texture or length.

At Elegance24seven Hair, we got you covered. Call us today and we are happy to guide you through that decision.